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Zak Hobbs is a twenty-one year old singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from London. Zak comes from a family rooted in the same craft and tradition where he now finds himself. Headed by grandparents, Richard and Linda Thompson, followed by Teddy Thompson and Kami (The Rails), Zak is the third generation to take up the mantle and has been said to be the “natural continuation of the family tradition of musical excellence” by Folk Radio UK.


Although the British folk music of the 60’s and 70’s is at the core of Zak’s influences, the roots music of America and 50’s country music are the largest building blocks on top of his traditional British foundation. This has resulted in a transatlantic style whilst maintaining his “British-accented melancholy” as put by Uncut’s Jim Wirth.


Performing from a young age after picking up the guitar at age 11, Zak honed his skills playing at some of London’s most prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal festival Hall all by the age of 14. Since graduating school, Zak has predominantly worked as an instrumentalist for award winning band ‘The Rails’, Sunny Ozell and his uncle, Teddy Thompson


In 2015, Zak and his family released the album Family, a collaborative project in which each member of the extended family wrote and recorded two songs – from wherever they live.  This meant that recording took place from Los Angeles to London, then the final product was produced by Teddy in New York.  It was released in early 2015 under the name Thompson.


In 2016, Zak released his first solo E.P ‘Against the Grain’ which will be fully released this Autumn.

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